Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Revisiting Birthdays of the Utmost Significance

Haven't posted in a while...mostly because I was on vacation in the mountains for a week and a half and work was insanely busy pre- and post-vacation. I'll try to get back to it soon.

As an offering, here's a reposting from 2/12/09, where Rick and I celebrating Darwin & Lincoln's birthdays, and came up with the other 12 most influential historical figures of the previous 200 years (in the eyes of EBONY and in the spirit of our mission).
This post also marks a time when we actually posted about the bar-hopping immediately after getting home. Ha! Remember those days?

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Top 12:
Our Thursday night outing took on a celebratory note this week -- milestone birthdays for Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. If you can't raise a pint to honor these two, well then what good are you? In their honour Rick and I had one incredibly productive Thursday night.

His moniker is Honest Abe, what else do you need? The man is idolized in Illinois and is still a style icon to this day. When you see someone wearing a stove-top hat or sporting the Amish beard, the first reference that comes to mind is this guy. In the words of Sufjan Stevens, "Stephen A. Douglas was the great debater, but Abraham Lincoln was the great emancipator."

Charles Darwin…talk about not being afraid to think outside the box. A hearty 200th birthday to the man behind what is known simply as "The Theory". Months ago Roger Ebert published a journal entry praising the Theory of Evolution and set off a comment war on his webpage. Today he sarcastically tips his hat to those fools with the line, "This is a grand celebration for a man whose Theory of Evolution promoted atheism, inspired Hitler's genocides, and thinks your grandfather was a monkey." Please go read either his original entry HERE or his updated post from today HERE.

We honor Daniel Burnham for setting down the blueprint of our beloved city. I only wish his wisdom were reincarnated and quickly siphoned into City Hall, Chicago Police Department, Chicago School District, the CTA, and all other administrative offices within Cook County. While we're at it lets cut the number of Alderman in half, too.

Jure Robic is the physical everyman of endurance sports. He has no inherent physiological traits that would make him superior to his competitors, it simply comes down to his capacity to mentally separate his muscles from his mind. Robic can push himself past most recognized points of human exhaustion, providing researchers with windows into the link between mental imbalance and physical performance, a relationship embraced by EBONY.

When you think of Milwaukee, the first thing you think of is beer (or in Ricky's case, the Moscow of USA), and not just any beer, but Pabst. In lieu of our journey this year, we salute Frederick Pabst for taking over Phillip Best's (famously or unfamously known for marrying his own daughter) microbrewery and turning it in to the object of our affection.

Justin O. Schmidt suffers for science. If you can't develop a reliable test subject for your wizardry, by all means volunteer yourself. An ethos at the core of the EmptyBlogOfNothing.

Martin Luther King, Jr, a man with a vision of life, an unparalleled faith in humanity, and the fearlessness to speak loudly about it. Religious overtones or not, he's the keynote speaker at our table of 12.

When EBONY finally finishes the screenplay we've been working on for 2 years James Murphy will be tasked with crafting the soundtrack. He's the puppet master in his own play, an underrated wordsmith and a magician behind the boards. Read all the pamphlets, and watch the tapes.

Unless you want mini versions of yourself running around the floor, we all owe a vow of thanks to Margaret Sanger. Her controversial work in the early 1900s has curbed our country from looking like India in terms of population.

From Bottle Rocket to The Royal Tenenbaums (which we both think is the movie we have seen the most of any ever made) to The Darjeeling Limited, Wes Anderson has provided us with a unique perspective which delicately mixes poignancy and dry humor. He has also given EBONY one of our favorite movie quotes of "I know you asshole." Plus he is the only director to get Natalie Portman to take her clothes off on screen -- bravo to you, Wes.

Paavo Nurmi...The Flying Finn could possibly go down as the greatest Olympian ever. In the 1924 games, Paavo won 5 gold medals in the 1500, 5k (on only 26 minutes of rest, in which he broke the world record), 3k, and both cross country events. At one point he held every world record in events between the 1500 and 20k. This man knew dominance and held the running world in check during his prime.

And lastly, Geronimo. Geronimo was generally a badass and he defended his tribe against American and Mexican pressures. He holds the perseverance and womanizing skills (he had wives with names ranging from Azul to Chee-hash-kisk to Ih-tedda to She-gha) that we admire.

Honoroable Mention, but not quite making the cut: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Spencer Pratt, Belinda Carlisle and ALF.