Wednesday, February 25, 2009

F@#% No

Mr. Wheelan's office and home is within the mile radius of EBONY. If he had a bar, we would be regulars. For those of you in the IL 5th District - Rock the Vote.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ramshackle Day Parade

As our faithful readers (and anyone who read the previous post) know, we planned on going to Tonic Room at 4pm yesterday. The Tonic Room's website says they're open until 2am M-F, and 3am Sat. They fail to say when they open, and we discovered 4pm saturday is not within their hours of operation. Onto Lincoln Station.

LS sits across the street from the Biograph Theater, notable for being where I saw The Village with my brother during the summertime once and also where John Dillinger was shot. There's a bus tour in Chicago called the "Untouchables Tour" where they drive around to famous gangster locales allowing tourists to take pictures. It stops at the Biograph and everyone shoots photos of a spot in the alley where this shooting took place. The alley runs along the side of Qdoba, so it's always a good chuckle when you can eat your burrito while watching people take pictures of the side of the building.

Anyway, back to Lincoln Station. One Alpha King and one Bell's Best Brown and we're out, but not before being entertained by the solo drinker at the end of the bar. He was vocally announcing updates in the hockey game that only he was interested in, trying to strike up conversations about baseball (one claim, "I know for a FACT that the Big Hurt never did steroids." while I agree with this opinion I'm not sure that I am aware of the same acquiting evidence he is) and constantly demonstrating his obliviousness to the world.
He had been quiet for a good 5 minutes when suddenly he exclaims, "A-ROD dead at 33??!!!?!? This articles says A-Rod is dead! When was this printed?!" Our bartender patiently explains to him what The Onion is, "It's comedy, these are jokes." First off we're shocked someone roughly our age, who presumably spends a lot of time in bars, doesn't know what The Onion is. Second, and more importantly, this A-Rod story was ON PAGE EIGHT. He made it that far through the issue without raising an eyebrow or being alarmed by anything else.

Next up...we tried to go to the newish bar that is part of Clarke' was closed (another operational hours thing). So we then tried to go to Red was closed (this one a result of the health department...disconcerting). Finally, the relocated Hi-Tops granted us admission. This location was formerly the Gin Mill, and they still have the Gin Mill sign up in the back of the bar. I had one Sam Adams Winter Ale. They're running a promotion on 3/14 (the day Chicago collectively gets smashed this year) with a $25 drink deal from 9am to 1pm. Slogan, "You Can't Drink All Day If You Don't Start In The Morning"

We stopped at Buffalo Wild Wing's for food, more beer, and NTN trivia games. B-dubs featured Mini Corn Dogs, Wings (Sweet BBQ, Hot BBQ, Jerk), Kyle winning the first game we played (and Rick getting 2nd), losing a lot more games, and a declaration that "Into The Mystic" is probably a top 3 Van Morrison song.

Fourth on today's list, Lilly's, a live-music bar that I've walked past probably 400 times without entering. Having spent some time here, I have no regrets about not visiting it until now. It's a cool place, interestingly decorated with some odd color choices and arches randomly placed throughout the seating area. There was a $6cover that we paid half of and a girl signing folky songs accompanied on rhythm guitar by a grizzled old man with an incredible beard. Nothing too memorable, but I'd head back there if I needed a cheap live music fix.

Heading over to Irish Eyes we were surprised not to see many people appearing underage, a rarity for this place. Friend of the blog Craig happened to be in town as the band he chaperones around the globe isn't currently touring. We gave him crap about the recent postcard he sent us from Dubai having nothing written on it -- usually they arive with cryptic messages such as "Luxembourg breeds great genes." I'm clearly feeling the affects of the beer at this point in the evening as the notes I wrote about Irish Eyes are illegible.

Prost! is a german beer hall with an exclamation point in its name. Without EBONY I never would have gone there. It was packed, and mysteriously one of these giant steins pictured below is now sitting on my kitchen counter.

Final stop: The Dugout in Wrigleyville. I recall nothing significant from this place.
(it wasn't actually the final stop...Craig and I went to Baby Atlas afterwards without Rick)

I asked ChaCha if the best Elton John songs were better than the best Billy Joel songs, and they fed me some crap about beauty being in the hear of the beholder. Lame, ChaCha.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ageing Has Never Been His Friend

No bar updates, just a few notes.

This Saturday we plan on starting out at The Tonic Room sometime between 3:45 and 4:00, then working our way over to a few bars on Lincoln, north of Fullerton. Join us! We can make you internet celebrities!

After work today I met a friend and former coworker for a drink at Doc Ryan's in Elmhurst. Jason has a broken finger and child on the way - those are unrelated. Doc Ryan's, aside from having top notch waffle fries, holds a sentimental place in my heart (or history) for two reasons. One, it's on the very very short list of places I've celebrated multiple St. Patrick's Days. As the Elmhurst St Pats Parade (3rd largest in chicagoland!) rolls past you can duck in and out of the bar for artificially green beer and corned beef. Then everyone walks home. It's one of the few bars where I've routinely seen children over the age of 13 hanging out with their parents...not sure what's going on there.
Reason number 2, and the more significant one, Doc Ryan's is the first bar I visited after turning 21. It was during finals week my Jr year of college, and I had my last final of the week (Business Finance) that morning at 8am. We had a very large crew of friends, aquaintances and nobodies hanging out that night. I remember my friend Bruce still had another test the next morning, he brought his notes to the bar with him. There's a great story about other things that happened that evening and how my partner in crime Joe and I eventually got home, but I'll save those for a slower day. Sometime around 2:15am we were running down the shoulder of Roosevelt Rd, and I'll leave you with that.

Kyle's brief predictions for the Oscars on Sunday:
Supporting Actor - Heath Ledger (duh)
Supporting Actress -- I don't really care, hoping for Marisa Tomei but thinking Viola Davis despite the favorite being Taraji P. Henson
Lead Actor - Mickey Rourke (hopefully, but both he and Penn are deserving)
Lead Actress - Kate Winslet (and if she wins you'll have about 5 minutes worth of time to see whatever is on your seconday, tertiary or quarterary channels. Her speech will be a trackwreck of waterworks)
Director -- likely Danny Boyle. Wouldn't mind seeing Gus take this one for Milk so it doesn't get shut out
Picture -- Slumdog. It is written
I'm no Nate Silver, but i oughta get most of these right

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Powers Out_

Nothing too exciting on the EBONY front this weekend, just spreading the VD joy and love. We did more than enough of making up for ourselves on Thursday night. Kyle and I tackled 9 bars which doesn't include the 2 drinks I had at InFields (should it be called InMacy's now?) with my BCBS cronies. Speaking this nights cronies, Adam, Jorge and JoePi joined us and most likely persuaded Kyle and I to escalate our evening in to what it ended up being. Kyle did a good enough job explaining the mayhem along with EBONY popping its Halsted bar cherry. A big shout out goes to Jorge with proving us with endless entertainment with his dance skills - the best coming coming later in the evening (for the sake of his embarrassment, I won't elaborate beyond this). The following quotes for notated in my notebook:

Me: What Great Lakes brew is that on tap?
Waitress at Lucky: ummm.....the dark one
Me (inside my head): Thanks for nothing

JoePi: This places smells like a peg leg (of Slugger's)

Adam: Those girls are eyeing us like we're their ticket off welfare

Random dude at Little Jim's: Cock-block (after Adam and I switched seats because this random dude was totally creeping out Adam - fuck my life)

Random dude at Scarlet: I just assumed you two were a couple

Adam: That shot was So-Co and gay (after Jorge bought us a round of So-Co and lime)
Adam: Jorge, where are you from?
Jorge: South Padre Island
Kyle: People actually come from there?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birthdays of the Utmost Significance

Our Thursday night outing took on a celebratory note this week -- milestone birthdays for Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. If you can't raise a pint to honor these two, well then what good are you? In their honour Rick and I had one incredibly productive Thursday night.

His moniker is Honest Abe, what else do you need? The man is idolized in Illinois and is still a style icon to this day. When you see someone wearing a stove-top hat or sporting the Amish beard, the first reference that comes to mind is this guy. In the words of Sufjan Stevens, "Stephen A. Douglas was the great debater, but Abraham Lincoln was the great emancipator."

Charles Darwin…talk about not being afraid to think outside the box. A hearty 200th birthday to the man behind what is known simply as "The Theory". Months ago Roger Ebert published a journal entry praising the Theory of Evolution and set off a comment war on his webpage. Today he sarcastically tips his hat to those fools with the line, "This is a grand celebration for a man whose Theory of Evolution promoted atheism, inspired Hitler's genocides, and thinks your grandfather was a monkey." Please go read either his original entry HERE or his updated post from today HERE.

We started at the Lucky Sandwich Company, Rick and I each devouring a sandwich that would've fed 7 children in an impoverished nation. This monstrosity deserves inclusion over at This is Why You're, cole slaw and french fries on sweet bread with an ungodly amount of meat. Great Lakes Brewing Co was on special for $3 and the first two songs we heard were from Wolf Parade and Bruce Springsteen. To say I was immediately in love would be an understatement.

Moving north, we joined Adam, Joe and Jorge (who was certainly progressing the furthest from sobriety among our group) at Mullen's. Games of Cricket and Foosball passed the time while Joe complained about the worthlessness of his buffalo wings. Adam gets ball busted as often as possible, especially considering he "acts like a woman about women".

Our next destination was Sluggers, the second bar in a row we were more than happy to get out of the way prior to baseball season. Upstairs they have batting cages, pop-a-shot and numerous arcade games. Adam went undefeated in pop-a-shot despite the constant pressure I applied (he beat me by one shot in 3 consecutive games). Maybe if this Hoosier had devoted more time to hoops in my youth I could've taken him. Sluggers is certainly the worst smelling bar ever.

Next up...Exedus II, the reggae bar. It was mostly empty but we passed the time with Red Stripe and talking to our bartender about EBONY's goal for 2009. Jorge continued to progress away from coherence faster than the rest us of and demanded that he be allowed to play a few songs on the empty stage.

Rick and I wanted to knock out a couple of boystown bars after that, but on Jorge's insistence we headed over to Bar Celona, probably the most crowded and loud bar we'd hit tonight. Somehow Adam had a drink within 2 seconds of entering the place, and he also set records for being shot down after an individual in the group of girls he started talking to said, "Do you mind leaving me alone?" One girly sangria drink here and we're moving over to North Halsted St.

First up...Hydrate. Honestly, if what Hydrate has to offer were what does it for me, this would be a pretty great bar. The interior is classy, the bar is interesting, the crowd is respectful (at least before 2am, which is when everyone we talked to said it gets out of hand) and there are dancers in the back room. We drank Stellas and discussed how "under control" the place was.

Moving south...Little Jim's. Our bartender James discussed the history of Boystown bars with us. This is quite the dive bar, which everyone needs at some point in their life.

The last 2 places we hit up were Scarlet and Sidetrack. We had another good conversation with a new friend of EBONY about the bars in this part of town, who goes there, when the crowds get out of control, which bars are the safest and which bars to avoid at all costs.

So in regards to today's birthday celebrations, Rick and I decided that Abe and Darwin are surely seated at the table of the 12 most significant individuals of the last 200 years. Since we got on that subject, we came up with the other 10, listed below along with their reasoning for inclusion or relationship to our project.

We honor Daniel Burnham for setting down the blueprint of our beloved city. I only wish his wisdom were reincarnated and quickly siphoned into City Hall, Chicago Police Department, Chicago School District, the CTA, and all other administrative offices within Cook County. While we're at it lets cut the number of Alderman in half, too.

Jure Robic is the physical everyman of endurance sports. He has no inherent physiological traits that would make him superior to his competitors, it simply comes down to his capacity to mentally separate his muscles from his mind. Robic can push himself past most recognized points of human exhaustion, providing researchers with windows into the link between mental imbalance and physical performance, a relationship embraced by EBONY.

When you think of Milwaukee, the first thing you think of is beer (or in Ricky's case, the Moscow of USA), and not just any beer, but Pabst. In lieu of our journey this year, we salute Frederick Pabst for taking over Phillip Best's (famously or unfamously known for marrying his own daughter) microbrewery and turning it in to the object of our affection.

Justin O. Schmidt suffers for science. If you can't develop a reliable test subject for your wizardry, by all means volunteer yourself. An ethos at the core of the EmptyBlogOfNothing.

Martin Luther King, Jr, a man with a vision of life, an unparalleled faith in humanity, and the fearlessness to speak loudly about it. Religious overtones or not, he's the keynote speaker at our table of 12.

When EBONY finally finishes the screenplay we've been working on for 2 years James Murphy will be tasked with crafting the soundtrack. He's the puppet master in his own play, an underrated wordsmith and a magician behind the boards. Read all the pamphlets, and watch the tapes.

Unless you want mini versions of yourself running around the floor, we all owe a vow of thanks to Margaret Sanger. Her controversial work in the early 1900s has curbed our country from looking like India in terms of population.

From Bottle Rocket to The Royal Tenenbaums (which we both think is the movie we have seen the most of any ever made) to The Darjeeling Limited, Wes Anderson has provided us with a unique perspective which delicately mixes poignancy and dry humor. He has also given EBONY one of our favorite movie quotes of "I know you asshole." Plus he is the only director to get Natalie Portman to take her clothes off on screen -- bravo to you, Wes.

Paavo Nurmi...The Flying Finn could possibly go down as the greatest Olympian ever. In the 1924 games, Paavo won 5 gold medals in the 1500, 5k (on only 26 minutes of rest, in which he broke the world record), 3k, and both cross country events. At one point he held every world record in events between the 1500 and 20k. This man knew dominance and held the running world in check during his prime.

And lastly, Geronimo. Geronimo was generally a badass and he defended his tribe against American and Mexican pressures. He holds the perseverance and womanizing skills (he had wives with names ranging from Azul to Chee-hash-kisk to Ih-tedda to She-gha) that we admire.

Honoroable Mention, but not quite making the cut: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Spencer Pratt, Belinda Carlisle and ALF.

Photos coming later...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Facebook is for Lovers

We kept getting tagged in those notes with 25 random things about people wanting to know 25 random things about us, so we wrote 25 random things about the EmptyBlogOfNothing. See Below.

Before we get to the 25 things, 1 other item. We've challenged our group members to increase our FB Fan Club memebership to 200 before the end of February. Are you up to it? Spread the gospel of EBONY.

1. The name "emptyblogofnothing" was chosen several months ago (Oct 2008)...Kyle registered to post a comment on his brother's radio show blog and thought he had to create a blog name to have an account. Thus EmptyBlogOfNothing was born, but not actually put to use with a purpose until late December '08. It's a happy accident, like penicillin or Jamie Lynn Spears' baby.
2. One goal is to get a mutual friend of ours thrown out of at least one bar.
3. As of 2/4/09, our youngest fan club member is 21, the oldest is 43
4. No matter what I came here to do. No matter what you came here to say. We really aint got nowhere to go.
5. Kyle is pretty convinced that someone will offer him a book deal by March.
6. The only gay bar Kyle has been to prior to EBONY is Roscoe's.
7. The only gay bar Rick has been to prior to EBONY is in Champaign, and he went there to watch Sox games.
8. Unofficial estimate of the percentage of bars on our list we've been to prior to attempting this...35%
9. So far in 2009 Kyle has also been to 6 bars in Chicago that are outside of our radius (Map Room, The High Dive, Gamekeepers, The Blue Line, Pint, and yes...Deja Vu)
10. We've had international web hits so far from Canada (Labatt's Brewery!), Ireland, France, Germany, Turkey, Indonesia, England, Japan and Brazil.
11. A handful of people have requested prior notification when we plan on hitting a few select bars so they can join us (Berlin, Wellington Tavern, Deja Vu, Las Fuentas).
12. I won't reveal who those people are (but if YOU have a request to tag along at a specific bar, let us know!).
13. The houseboats have been sold, the cars have all been towed, it hasn't been this bad since who knows when.
14. The only bartenders we know by name (aside from Laura at Trinity, who we met last month, and will probably never see again) work at Matilda.
15. The EmptyBlogOfNothing supports Charlie Wheelan in the race for the 5th Congressional District of IL.
16. So far in 2009 Rick has also been to 6 bars in Chicago that are outside of our radius (Park Grill, Wells on Wells, Monk's, Chili's, Sidebar, Manhattan's)
17. St. Patrick's Day will be spent at Alive One, as it has been for the last 2 years.
18. EBONY and The 907 are the official sponsors to Hall's 30th birthday bash in (whichever month it is)
19. The 907 is our former project, a sort of dj collective/underground art communal/excessive lifestyle project. Some would say it failed, some would say it peaked before it was named, we would simply say that it's in hibernation.
20. Can't you hear me? I'm beating on your wall! Can't you see me? I'm pounding on your door!
21. We worry about completing our list by July and having nothing to look forward to for the remainder of 2009.
22. Thankfully, and in case #21 actually happens, we've had 2 side project requests: 1) go to happy hour at every bar in the loop; 2) visit every brewery within 150 miles
23. Guest entries will be allowed at EBONY on rare occassions. Our standards are high, so they will be rigorously applied and only posted if approved by the EBONY Internet Verification Officer Reviewery (EBONY IVORY)
24. You forget what you meant when you read what you said, and you always knew you were tired, but then where are your friends tonight?
25. We'll have a party at the end of the year...we haven't yet determined the last bar we'll hit. This party will either be at the last bar, or at a bar we like after the last bar. Everyone is invited.

A free cookie goes out the first person to identify each song lyric with that of the corresponding band/group.
Edit from Kyle -- I changed the feed on this to feedburner, if you want to subscribe use the following address

Monday, February 9, 2009


I get to write the short version this week! Various notes:

Paddy Long's has framed pictures of Pele and Chewbacca on display behind the bar. Can't argue with that. Our bartender was slightly miffed when I put money into the jukebox, thus ending her broadcast of the latest Britney Spears audio assault.

Vaughan's…I got nothing. Unmemorable.

Soprano's…Derek and his dual-citizenship friend from Boston forgot to pay their bill. The waitress from here tracked them down before we got to the next bar.

Uncle Fatty's was closed at 4:53 and 5:18, open around 5:47. I was hoping we wouldn't have to go there. A group of medical professionals in training were upset when I asked them to move because they were in the way of our bags game.

Matilda is most likely our favorite bar in Chicago. The fact that many of our friends were there as well made that quite a good night. Eating as many appetizers as possible did not make up for me not eating dinner on Saturday night. I hung out downstairs in Baby Atlas, Rick didn't. No problem, I'm pretty sure we'll be back there before too long.
At some point this year I will no longer be able to list every bar we've been to, in order, off the top of my head. We haven't reached that yet. I think I can make it to 50.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Maybe if you gave me some positive reinforcement I would play better

February is under way kids and EBONY had a productive week. It was a typical Saturday (aside from the unseasonably warm day) of a long run in the morning followed by a lazy early-afternoon of drinking Intelligentsia, having a bowl of cereal and watching the original 90210 on the Soap Channel. 3:30 rolls around and we meet Baumer, Holland, Holland's buddy from Boston (formally know as the Diddler), BSwerve and Adam at Paddy Long's. Based on the facade we assumed it would be an Irish bar, but there is a definite German twist to it with the selection of beers and the Oompa band going on at 5. I have a Cooper's and a London Pride and am entertained by Adam's coaster flip trick (see the vid on our FB fan page). We also learn that Adam's goal as a child was to be a magician. Some how he ended up at Blue Cross though. Bravo Adam, bravo. Chenoweth and Beth show up at the 11th hour and we take off.

Next stop was planned to be Uncle Fatty's. Uncle Fatty's is one of those bars for some reason you hate since the first time you see it (we also feel this way about Prost). But the bar wasn't open yet and we move on to Vaughn's. BSwerve says Vaughn's is a hidden gem, but we beg to differ. We are at Vaughn's briefly, the only memorable portion of it was the two huskies greeting us at the bar when we walk in. And by huskies we mean the dog, not those with a weight issue. We have one drink there and try to go Uncle Fatty's again. But of course UF is not destined for us and we end up at Soprano's. Soprano's is mostly an upscale Italian restaurant but there is a small bar to the side. We are easily the loudest people in the joint, and this includes the large kids party in the restaurant. After a having a drink there and discussing the religious undertones in The Wrestler we try Fatty's one last time. Apparently the third time is indeed the charm and we enter the 'Rum Resort.' The only redeeming factor of this bar is the two courts of bags inside of it, and I hate playing bags. Of course Kyle and I absolutely dominate and go 4-0, this includes coming back from being down 12-0 to Chenoweth and Beth and take home the victory. Each game was met with a friendly bet of a round of drinks, so we leave the bar with 1 free round and have 3 more to come.

The conclusion of the evening comes at Matilda. We planned on closing the night here as the FF party was going off at 6:30. We show up un-fashionably late and are greeted by many of our closest friends (too many to mention, sorry guys, maybe you should have made an effort to meet us out earlier). We each get a free drink ticket from Mark and the 3 that are owed to us from playing bags and the evening escalates. Kyle is full-blown on the surly bus and provides never ending entertainment for the crowd. I make the amazing decision to go to bed at 9:30 and feel great the next morning, Kyle can't say the same.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep In Your Tomb

Short Friday night outing -- walking to the far western point on our radius map to hit up The Pony Inn before taking in The Mae Shi @ the Beat Kitchen. Neither were quite what we expected, both were excellent.
From the outside I expected the Pony to have more of a loungey feel, dark lights, sort of lit up like Innjoy is. It is not like that. Clean lines, light hardwood furnishings from the windows to the walls, small flatscreens at every table, attractive waitresses and an incredibly good looking clientele. The food wasn't bad, the beer wasn't expensive (Leinenkugel's Bock was on special for $3...I should've been drinking those). As we ate our late dinner the place continued to fill up with groups of girls that overshadow those you would find in just about every other bar. Good work, Pony Inn. I do wish our waitress had more of a natural tan though. Sorry girl.

Heading further west on Belmont we hit up the Beat Kitchen and arrive just before Kid Static's set. 2 kids rapping, having fun. I wouldn't say they're a great act, or maybe even a good act, but they're having a good time. The Mae Shi (listen to their hit "Run To Your Grave" on the right here --->)...well they're difficult to describe. The singer seems to be fronting a different band than the one he's on stage with. They choose to defy two songs will sound alike, but you can still hear the common signature of the band in each of them. Chanting sing alongs are followed by musical opuses (opii?), followed by screamo freakouts. And it's all over before you know it. Good show, they're excellent live, go see them.

Tracks added for Feb:
2 from The Mae Shi
1 from Los Campesinos & Titus Andronicus (seeing them Sat night)
1 from Goldfrapp because it's awesome
Get It Up from The Very Best...this song will probably be on every mix cd I make for the next 6 months

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bulletproof Tiger

Glad to get this one out of the way -- Cubby Bear is off the list. Thanks to our well-connected friend Heidi we attended a screening of the new HBO show executively produced (is that right? executively produced?) by Will Ferrell, "Eastbound & Down". It's vulgar and over the top and pretty funny. Watch it when it premieres next weekend on Feb 15th. At the worst it's still better than the incredibly disappointing start to the second season of Flight of the Conchords.

So...the Cubby Bear. We were joined by Annie, Adam and Adam's brother, who suggested a possible 2010 EBONY challenge: Every bar on Clark Street. Anyway, back to Cubby bear -- everything was free tonight, which is the best way to experience anyy bar. I had a hotdog, 1/4 of a pretzel, one coors light and 2 Sam Adams Winter Ales. $1...not bad. Heidi, you're the best.

I also brought home a beer cozy with EB&D logos on it, as well as a giant foam middle finger that I'll take to any Cubs game I happen to go to this summer.

While in the bathroom 2 guys were arguing about the main character..."In today's America, with this economy, and this recession, I just don't know what they're thinking! How do they expect people to like that character? Seriously!"..."I know just what you mean! It's sooo vulgar! I think Kerry Wood is the basis for the guy." (we are in Wrigleyville, of course everything has to tie in to the cubs) ... "I don't know, I think he's clearly John Rocker."
I got out of the restroom before listening to any more of this.

Elsewhere. I've added another music widget to the blog, this one has a few unreleased (as of yet) tracks from the Dark Was The Night album, which raises money for HIV & AIDS awareness. So listen to these tracks and buy the album. Additional artists on the album: The National, Bon Iver, Feist, The Decemberists, Grizzly Bear, Sufjan, My Morning Jacket.

And lastly, we're issuing a challenge to the members of the EmptyBlogOfNothing Facebook group. I think we can get up to 200 members in the group by the end of February; Rick doesn't. So forward our page to your friends, invite them to the group, let them know about the enjoyment you receive reading about our antics. Spread the love, spread the fun, grow the network, fix the economy.

This Saturday we'll be starting a mini-bar crawl at 3:30pm at Paddy Long's. Stop by and have a drink!